FREOR at Novus chain supermarkets in Ukraine


FREOR has completed several projects providing food refrigeration equipment for a number of NOVUS chain supermarkets in Ukraine. We are happy to supply refrigeration equipment for such a dynamic and progressive Ukrainian retailer which sets high standards of service.

NOVUS is a retail chain in Ukraine, founded in 2007 by an investment company “BT invest” (Lithuania). The trade chain consists of 39 modern European supermarkets, the total sales area of which covers about 95 000 sq. m. It is considered to be at the top 10 of the largest Ukrainian retailers.

FREOR cooperation with NOVUS has started more than 5 years ago. Through these years, FREOR has delivered multiple amounts of various refrigeration equipment to NOVUS chain stores: multidecks JUPITER with a front lighting system, refrigeration counter lines of DIONA QB and DIONA QB PASTRY, heated showcases DIONA QB HDV, confectionery display counters ELISA, freezers ERIDA. All the equipment is energy-efficient, guarantees perfect cooling performance in combination with ergonomic design, features low implementation costs and ensures comfortable shopping experience.

At this moment NOVUS chain supermarkets can be found in more than 10 Ukraine cities: Kyiv, Bucha, Brovary, Cherkassy, Mukolaiv etc. and the company is further expanding to other regions of the country. NOVUS is most appreciated for its innovative solutions, modern equipment and high attention to customers needs.

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