Thinking Green is the philosophy of Freor company. We are exerting efforts to manufacture products with the minimum effect on nature; therefore we are making significant investments into the solutions aimed at energy-saving, optimum refrigerant use in refrigeration equipment and use of environmentally-friendly refrigerants. Freon gas is very widely used in the commercial refrigeration equipment, but in case of leakage into the environment, it depletes the ozone layer, at the same time contributing to the global warming. The alternative is Freor Green Wave product line that ensures ecological refrigeration by using exclusively environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

Freor was the first in the world to use R290 (propane) gas in big commercial refrigeration equipment, was among the first ones in the world to develop propane refrigeration technology in 2015, which complies with the safety standards EN 378 and IEC 60335-2-89 (maximum 150 gram propane gas per closed cycle). Freor Green Wave R290 technology reduces the emission of greenhouse effect causing gas and helps our clients to save the nature.

As one of the climate change preventive measures the use of greenhouse effect causing freon gas in the new shops will be banned in the near future, in the EU. In January 2020, the use of freon of 2,500 GWP (global warming potential) and over will be banned, while in the second stage, in January 2022 F- gas with 150 GWP or more will be banned. Furthermore, in 2020 the ban on the use of freon gas exceeding the ceiling GWP values in repairs and maintenance of refrigeration equipment will come into effect. In many countries it would mean that 95–100% refrigeration equipment used in the shops will have to be replaced with the alternatives or to be adapted for the use of a different refrigerant.

Freor Green Wave products comply with the new EU regulations. We can offer the best energy-saving refrigeration solutions for shops of any format – in addition to our efforts to reduce impact on nature, we are thinking how to save our clients’ money paid for electricity.




Green Wave R290 – is the line of advanced plug-in products using environmentally-friendly propane gas R290 as the refrigerant. Propane R290 is a natural refrigerant that does not affect the ozone layer, and if emitted to the environment does not represent any harm, furthermore, it has excellent cold transmission properties.

Propane properties:

  • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) = 0
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 3 (Freon R404A = 3922, R407A = 2107, respectively)
  • Lower pressure for reaching boiling temperature
  • Non-toxic
  • Lower electricity consumption costs
  • Natural refrigerant


Green Wave R290 refrigeration equipment is worth choosing because of the following properties:


Natural environmentally-friendly refrigerant with the global warming potential (GWP) = 3, much lower than the widely used freon (HFC). Small quantity of refrigerant in the equipment. Reduced indirect impact on environment due to more efficient energy use.

Lower investment costs

Propane system is cheaper than CO2 system. No need for special room for a compressor unit, thus saving the shop area, while the room for pumping equipment is not subject to any special criteria.

Lower electricity consumption costs

This type of refrigeration equipment is up to 30 % more energy efficient, than freon operated equipment. Propane system operates in the regime dependent on outdoor temperature, making it easier to ensure optimum electricity consumption. Operating under low pressures.

Lower installation costs

Everything is mounted in the factory, thus eliminating the need for specialists – refrigeration experts for assembling refrigeration systems.

Simpler and cheaper technical maintenance and service


Green Wave CO2 – is the line of Freor remote products adapted to operate on R744 (CO2) refrigerant in the central refrigeration system. Freor has a wide range of refrigeration equipment, each of which is adapted for use with the environmentally-friendly CO2 system and ensures excellent energy efficiency. CO2 – environmentally-sustainable refrigerant with no effect on the global warming in case of leakage, and is in particular suitable for use in refrgeration systems working under mild and cold climate conditions.


  • Natural non-toxic and non-flammable environmentally-friendly refrigerant with the global warming potential (GWP) = 1.

Energy efficiency

  • If compared with HFC system, the complex CO2 system can improve energy consumption by up to 10% under mild or cold climate conditions (with maximum 15 C average annual temperature).
  • All refrigeration components are mounted in one room, monitoring enables full temperature control.
  • Due to high temperature, CO2 system emits lots of excess heat that is used for warming premises or water.

 Investment costs

  • CO2 refrigerant is cheaper than HFC.
  • System components are costly but the project repays in 3–5 years in cold and medium climate countries.

Maintenance and service

  • Lower operating costs as HFC mandatory system inspections and pollution taxes are avoided.
  • The popularity of the system is growing, it is used by an increasing-number of service companies – the number of competent engineers and technicians certified to work with R744 (CO2 system) is rising.


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